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Virginia Health Information

Overall, Virginia ranks in the top half of the nation at #21 for health statistics. Some of the strengths of the state include a low violent crime rate, low prevalence of infectious disease, and a low percentage of children living in poverty. However, the state faces specific challenges, as well. Education level plays a significant role in health, leading to serious disparities. There is also a high prevalence of smoking among the population, leading to related health problems, and the state has a low per capita funding for public health.

There are positive and negative health trends in Virginia in recent years. While smoking and drug deaths have increased, preventable hospitalizations have decreased, as have cancer and cardiovascular deaths. Virginia’s trend in cardiovascular deaths has declined steadily over the past 25 years, placing the state at #25 for cardiovascular deaths. If the trend continues, the state will continue to improve. However, the increase in prevalence of smoking points to increased risk factors for cardiovascular disease and death.

When examining Virginia’s health rates among the senior population, the state fares slightly worse, coming in at #28 overall. Living conditions among seniors are positive, with low poverty rates and low prevalence of food insecurity. Seniors also experience a high percentage of recommended hospital care. However, there is a high rate of smoking among seniors, there is a lower prevalence of quality nursing home facilities, and seniors struggle to get coverage for prescription drugs. The trends in Virginia for senior health are declining, with an increase in physical inactivity, pain management, and food insecurity in recent years. However, the prevalence of hip fractures has declined, and there has been an increase in home health care workers in the state. The increase in smoking and decrease in physical activity point to a likely increase in rates of cardiovascular disease.

CPR Certification in Virginia

Smoking is a significant contributor to cardiovascular death. While Virginia is in the top half of health rankings in the United States, recent years have shown trends of increased smoking among the general population as well as among senior residents. This suggests that rates of cardiovascular disease and death will rise, as well. Because of this, it will become increasingly important for people in Virginia to become certified in CPR. SafeNowCPR offers CPR training available entirely online for Virginia CPR courses and certification so that people can be a part of protecting the health of Virginia residents.

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Local Virginia Hospitals

Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center
1213 East Clay Street
Richmond, VA 23219

755 beds and is a nationally-ranked hospital in three specialties.

Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital
5801 Bremo Rd
Richmond, VA 23226

391 beds, and is a regionally-ranked hospital in the Richmond metro area.

Memorial Regional Medical Center
8260 Atlee Rd
Mechanicsville, VA 23116

225 beds, and is also a regionally-ranked hospital in the Richmond metro area.

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