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CPR Training for Professionals

  • Get certified fast so you can start working right away.
  • Comprehensive courses for adults, children, and infants.
  • Courses adhere to American Heart Association CPR & ECC guidelines.
  • SafeNowCPR courses are nationally accepted or your money back.
  • No skills test required. Study, test, and be on your way!
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  • ALL CPR Courses
  • AED and Heimlich
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Adult CPR


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  • Over 8 years Old
  • Adult CPR Techniques
  • Adult Heimlich
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Child CPR


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  • 1 - 8 Years Old
  • Child CPR Techniques
  • Child Heimlich
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Infant CPR


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  • 0 - 1 Year Old
  • Infant CPR Techniques
  • Infant Heimlich
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Peace of Mind For Parents

  • Learn CPR at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.
  • Courses Follow American Heart Association CPR & ECC guidelines.
  • Comprehensive course materials and easy to use interface.
  • 24/7 course material access even after you have passed your exam.
  • Learn CPR for infants, children, and adults all in 1 course.
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Born Online, Built By Professionals

SafeNowCPR.com is the leading CPR certification program born online and built for the web by professionals to make your experience and cpr training as comprehensive and as stress free as possible. Whether you’re a professional looking to obtain certification as a requirement from your employer, or you’re a civilian or parent looking for peace of mind, SafeNowCPR will walk you through our simple, yet informative, process to get you certified and on your way. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of education, efficiency and experience possible.

Getting certified online for CPR and other medical training is a perfectly acceptable practice used by thousands, if not millions, of medical professionals and civilians around the world. Because online courses, exams, and certification provide the same level of information and training as a classroom course but with the convenience to learn on your own time, online courses have become commonplace for all forms of medical training. Additionally, at SafeNowCPR you have access to your course materials indefinitely after you’ve signed up. This means you can come back and brush up on your skills should you ever feel the need.

CPR for Professionals

Are you a working professional who needs CPR certification or recertification as a requirement by your employer? Enjoy the convenience and quality that SafeNowCPR has to offer with our easy to use, fully online CPR materials, exams and certificates. Complete all courses and exams online in under an hour and receive your printable certificate and wallet card immediately. There is no skills test required and our AHA compliant courses are guaranteed to be accepted by your employer or your money back.

Some employers may require your certification be approved via a skills test where a licensed instructor observers you performing CPR on dummy’s in a controlled environment. Employers may require this skills test despite the fact it is not mandatory through the American Heart Association standards to become CPR certified. In the event your employer does require a skills test, SafeNowCPR can locate the nearest testing facility to your location, or whatever is most convenient for you.

CPR for Parents

Looking for peace of mind and security at home for your friends and family? SafeNowCPR has been built by professionals for the web to provide you with an easy to use, reliable, and educating online courses for anyone looking to learn these life-saving techniques. Learn CPR for adults, children, infants, or all 3 at once and test your skills with our follow-up exams. SafeNowCPR also teaches basic life support (BLS), AED use, and the Heimlich maneuver, all critical in effectively responding in an emergency and providing the best chance to save lives.

Choosing the Right CPR School

Whether you’re a professional who needs to receive their CPR certification or a civilian and/or parent just looking to learn the skill, it is very important to choose the right CPR school. With your busy lifestyle and high demand on your time as a parent or professional, it is difficult to attend classroom conducted CPR certification and online courses are the best alternative - with several benefits not available in a classroom setting. Here are a few key items to keep in mind when choosing a provider.

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