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Renewing Your CPR Certification is Easy

CPR recertification is required every 2 years by the American Heart Association for any certification to be valid. SafeNowCPR makes recertification quick and easy with our 100% online courses that are AHA compliant and follow all AHA CPR and ECC guidelines. Use our easy to navigate course materials to brush up on what you’ve forgotten, take your exam, and download your new certificate immediately upon passing.

The Importance of Renewal

For anyone wanting to be skilled and confident about their ability to perform CPR, it’s critical to receive recertification every two years. Studies have proven that retention of the CPR skill is difficult especially when it’s not something that we do day-to-day, even for medical professionals. Moreover, the guidelines on how to perform proper CPR may change based on new findings and techniques as seen in the 2010 change made by the American Heart Association.

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Recertification for All Courses

SafeNowCPR provides recertification for all courses where initial certification is taught. Renew your certification online now at SafeNowCPR for any of the following course.

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