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CPR Training Online at SafeNowCPR

SafeNowCPR online CPR classes have been designed to be as effective and informative as any in person CPR training course. Our training materials are based off of AHA guidelines and designed by experts to eliminate confusion, elevate understanding, and ultimately provide the best learning experience possible.

Most CPR training courses are held in a classroom where classes can take several hours. At SafeNowCPR you can learn at your own pace, stop and start whenever you’d like, and take your exam when you feel comfortable.

Training That Makes Sense

SafeNowCPR courses are broken into sections to make them as digestible and easy to follow as possible. In our online classes, you will learn each concept and skill separately and once mastered, we’ll teach you how to combine all of your learnings and apply them to real life situations. Here’s the basic framework of how you will learn CPR at through our courses.

  • Important terminology and definitions
  • How to perform the skill
  • How to use equipment (if necessary)
  • How to help a choking victim
  • How to asses the situation
  • How to combine your skills and execute effective CPR
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