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SafeNowCPR exams are designed to test CPR skills and awareness detailed by AHA guidelines and taught in SafeNowCPR courses. Our exams are multiple choice and all answers are thoroughly covered within our course materials. Depending on courses selected, exams length is anywhere from 25 – 35 questions and should take students no more than 30 – 40 minutes to complete.

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When you complete and submit your exam you will receive your test score and your passed or not passed grade. Passing grades are 85% or better. If you’ve passed you’ll be able to download your certificate immediately, but if you do not pass we’ll help you learn and understand those areas where you had incorrect answers. By sharing your incorrect answers with you and directing you to course materials that teach those techniques, we make sure that you learn the material on your own, but don’t leave you to guess where to start. We are dedicated to your success in our courses and responsible for making sure you leave SafeNowCPR knowing everything there is to know about performing effective CPR.

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