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Mississippi Health Statistics

35.5 percent of all adults in Mississippi are considered obese (this doesn’t include individuals who are simply overweight). This is the third highest rank in the United States. Despite a slight dip in 2012, the obesity rate has climbed every single year since 1990, when the rate sat at just over 15 percent. Childhood obesity is also a problem. Children between 2 and 4-years-old are 13.9 percent likely to be considered obese. Now, this ranks 24th in the country, so right in the middle. However, most states see the childhood obesity percentage drop in subsequent years up through high school. That is not the case in Mississippi, where children between the ages of 10 and 17 are 21.7 percent likely to be obese. This is the highest rate in the nation. For high school students, 15.4 percent of children are obese, which is 7th in the nation. This alone points to the importance of eating right as a child and ensuring children are enrolled in athletic activities after school so they receive proper exercise.

In terms of health related issues that stem from the high obesity level, 13 percent of adults suffer from diabetes, which is the second highest rate in the country. Also, 40.2 percent of adults suffer from hypertension, which is the third highest rate in the country. All of this points to substantial medical problems for people within the state.

CPR Certification in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi has some of the highest obesity rates and health issues in the entire country. Due to this, it is important for all residents to learn how to care for others, in the event someone suffers a heart attack, stroke or other fast inducing medical condition. While there are hospitals spread throughout the state, often times it isn’t the easiest to travel quickly to such a location, either due to the heavy rains of spring or other unforeseen roadway problems. Regardless of the situation, obtaining CPR training can often prove to be the difference between life and death.

Safe Now Certifications provides online certification courses for CPR and other medical services. This way, residents of Mississippi don’t need to leave their home or attend an in-person course, which might not prove possible with their busy schedules. Thanks to the offered courses, anyone can receive the necessary training and assistance in learning these life saving techniques.

It doesn’t matter if someone is mandated to maintain their CPR certifications by the state or if someone just wants to learn and be prepared, services such as Safe Now Certifications provides all the necessary assistance required for learning these medically beneficial techniques.

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Hospitals in Mississippi

North Mississippi Medical Center
TUPELO, MS 38801

Alliance Healthcare System
4, 1430 MS-4
Holly Springs, MS 38635

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