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Kentucky Health & CPR Overview

Kentucky ranks fairly low on the health scale. According to the United Health Foundation, the state falls in at number 44 out of 50. This means that people must be extra vigilant about taking care of themselves.

The state does have a few strong points. First, the crime rate is low. There are only 209 violent crimes per 100,000, people. Kentucky residents can relax knowing they live in a safe environment. Moreover, Kentucky has a low number of excessive drinking incidents, a plus given its long history of whiskey production.

Nevertheless, the health challenges are many. A high cancer rate proves particularly troubling. There is also a high incidence of preventable hospitalizations. Thus, Kentucky residents spend unnecessary money on their health. Given the impoverishment of the state, this fact must change. Last, smoking must be reduced if the state wants to improve its overall health ranking.

Officials have made headway in getting people educated about health concerns. Last year, HPV immunization among Kentucky women, 13 to 17 years old, increased an impressive 40 percent. Currently, almost 40 percent of the women in this age range are immunized against this contagious disease.

Health coverage has increased. 88.6 percent of the population now has adequate health insurance, a 24 percent improvement over the last two years.

Diabetes, which is a serious condition affecting many throughout the South, has decreased. Only around 12 percent of Kentucky suffers from this condition.

Most telling, Kentucky has witnessed a 21 percent decrease in cardiovascular diseases over the last 10 years, proving the state is serious about heart problems. However, there are almost 300 known cases for every 100,000, residents, which is still too high. More must be done.

A large part of the problem is that 28.2 percent engage in no physical activity on a regular basis. Coupled with the high smoking rate, it is obvious why Kentucky has a high incidence of cardiovascular problems.

Seniors face even more health challenges because of their generally weakened physical state. Overall, Kentucky also ranks 44 in the nation for senior health. Obesity is a central problem with 31.6 percent suffering from this condition.

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CPR Certification in Kentucky

It is highly advised that all health care professionals and Kentucky residents get certified in the latest CPR methods. The lives of family members, coworkers, neighbors and others is in the balance. CPR training should be required in all schools and workplaces to save lives.

Fortunately, there are now CPR online courses. Safe Now Certifications educates people in the art of emergency response via its comprehensive online training program.

Local Hospitals

University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler
800 Rose Street
Lexington, KY 40536-0293

This modern general and surgical facility has 589 beds and 491 doctors on staff. Doctors specialize in a wide range of areas. Cancer, Cardiology and Gynecology are among the fields covered by the attending physicians.

Baptist Health Louisville
4000 Kresge Way
Louisville, KY 40207-4676

Baptist Health has 519 beds. With over 27,000, patients admitted last year, this hospital is one of the busiest in the state and ranked highly on many regional lists.

Norton Hospital
200 East Chestnut Street
Louisville, KY 40202-1800

This medical facility has 370 beds and 638 doctors. There is a trauma center on the grounds. The well-equipped emergency room had 32,000 visits last year.

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