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New York Health Information & CPR Certification

When speaking in terms of general health by state, New York actually ranks relatively high. Ranking 13 out of the 52 American states and territories, people in New York seem to be doing fairly well as far as health is concerned. Although the area is no stranger to at-risk behaviors, there certainly seems to be a push towards ridding the area of these behaviors overall. For instance, over the past year alone, excessive drinking amongst adults has decreased by 13%. Over that same time span, smoking has decreased by 14.4% as well. In addition to that, over the past decade, premature deaths have decreased by 14%. In addition to that, over the past two decades, cancer-related deaths have decreased by 13%.

CPR Certification in New York

On the flip side, the state of New York is definitely not without its health struggles. Due to a colder climate that often undermines the urge to go out and be physically active, New York has become riddled with high levels of inactivity. This obviously makes it possible for ailments such as heart disease and obesity to thrive. Ranking 11 in obesity and 34 in cardiovascular deaths, it seems that these ailments are doing just that. Moreover, given that there is also a large disparity in terms of health status by education level as well as a low rate of high school graduation, the lack of education and resources also plays a large factor in the health status of its residents. Getting certified in the life-saving technique of CPR is a great idea for New York residents given these health factors that could lead to cardiac arrest.

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Top Ranking Hospitals in New York

New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell
2960 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

Nationally ranked in 15 specialties, with a bed count of 2262 and 2,479 doctors available to the public, this hospital can certainly accommodate quite a few patients.

NYU Langone Medical Center
40 E 34th St #3
New York, NY 10016

With a bed count of 791 and 2,809 doctors available, this hospital is nationally ranked in 12 specialties.

New York State Evaluators

For those who are interested in enrolling in a course, be sure to study the material online, and contact one of the following certified CPR evaluators for your official assessment!

Camacho Jr., Ricardo
756 58 Parker Street
Newark, NJ 07104

Torres, Darby
500 Middlesex Ave
Metuchen, NJ 08840

Thomas, Sam
702 N. 3rd Street Pmb 716
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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