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Massachusetts Health & CPR Overview

The Massachusetts over health ranking is 3 in the United States. That is a very impressive ranking and shows that the population has a lot of strengths and positive aspects associated with the health of the state. Some of the strengths leading to this statistic include a low percentage of uninsured individuals in the population, a low infant mortality rate, and a low prevalence of obesity. Some of the challenges the state faces that prevent it from being ranked number one include a high violent crime rate, a high prevalence of excessive drinking, and a large disparity in health status by education level.

The overall health of the state’s population has increased over time. Since 1990, the rate of cardiovascular related deaths has decreased by an amazing 47 percent. Cancer related deaths have decreased by 14 percent over the past 20 years, which is both related to improvements in cancer care and technologies, as well as an improvement in the overall health of the area. Drug deaths have decreased by 13 percent in just the past year alone. Additionally, there has been a 21 percent decrease in preventable hospitalizations in the past two years. The HPV immunization has taken off in Massachusetts and of girls between the ages of 13 to 17, there has been an increase in immunization of 26 percent.

While the overall ranking and health of the seniors in Massachusetts is still great, it is not as great as the overall annual data. Currently, in the United States, the senior population health is ranked 6. There are some things that provide strengths to this rating such as a high percentage of dental visits, a low geriatrician shortfall, and a high level of community support expenditures. Some of the challenges the senior community faces include a low rate of volunteerism, a high percentage of hospital deaths, and a high prevalence of chronic drinking. One negative statistic to take note of is that the smoking rate for individuals over 65 years old has increased by 14 percent in the past year. Another statistic is that the physical inactivity has increased by 27 percent in the past year. There have been several components that have helped the overall ranking for the senior population grow over recent years. The number of underweight senior has decreased by 22 percent in the past year. Hip fractures have also decreased by 17 percent in the past year.

CPR Certification in Massachusetts

While the overall health of the state is highly ranked, there are some scary statistics about the health of the state. With an increase in smoking senior and an increase in activity, the ranking may drop in the course of a year. That being said, it is wise for any individual who is in the healthcare industry as well as residents in the area to seek out CPR certification. Available for study is a 100% online training course for anyone who would like to learn.

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Massachusetts Hospitals

Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114-2696

This general surgical and medical hospital located in Boston has 947 beds and is a nationally ranked hospital in 16 adult and 3 pediatric specialties.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115-6110

This general surgical and medical hospital located in Boston has 779 beds and is a nationally ranked hospital in 13 specialties.

Baystate Medical Center
759 Chestnut Street
Springfield, MA 01199-0001

This general medical and surgical hospital is located in Springfield and has 716 beds. It is ranked nationally in 2 specialties.

Massachusetts Skills Evaluators

Jackson, Leslie
39 Bailey Street, Dorchester, MA 02124

Jones, Ruth
440 East Squantum Street, Quincy, MA 02171

Blasko, Robert
287 Wesat St, Rocky Hill, CT 06067

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