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Colorado Health & CPR Overview

Colorado is ranked eighth overall in American health statistics. Low rates of obesity and physical inactivity correlate with low rates of diabetes, creating a population that is overall very heart-healthy, with cardiovascular deaths in steady decline. Significant decreases in smoking and preventable hospitalizations have also contributed to the state’s excellent health score.

Colorado is not without problems though. The state suffers from a large disparity in health quality across levels of education. Add to that the increasing child poverty levels and you can see a frightening trend. The state also suffers from high incidences of low birthweight and pertussis.

Colorado’s seniors are as well of as anywhere in the world. Drinking levels, pain management, hospital readmissions and food security all have favorable trends.

Ultimately, a CPR certification is an important resource in Colorado, as disparity levels threaten to increase health problems, particularly among underprivileged children. Whether you work in medicine or want to prevent avoidable tragedy, improving health education, especially with CPR and First Aid, is the best way to combat the dangerous trend.

CPR Certification in Colorado

Lifesaving potential rises dramatically as CPR training becomes more standardized. Mandatory courses for primary education and in workplaces could combat cardiovascular emergencies. While cardio health is improving, it is still the top killer of Colorado residents. Resources like SafeNowCPR can provide online training, and ultimately a holistic approach to training could take large strides against the rising health disparity among Colorado’s young.

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Local Hospitals

University of Colorado Hospital
12605 East 16th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80045-2545

The University of Colorado Hospital is the top ranked medical facility in the state, with 11 adult specialties and 467 general care beds.

Porter Adventist Hospital
2525 South Downing Street
Denver, CO 80210-5876

The Porter Adventist Hospital ranks nationally among five different adult specialties. It saw over 10,000 admissions in the last year and the emergency room had over 24,000 visits.

Denver Medical Health Center
777 Bannock Street
Denver, CO 80204-4507

The busiest hospital in Colorado, Denver Medical Health Center’s 409 beds saw over 22,000 admissions last year. The emergency room handled just shy of 60,000 visits.

Skills Evaluators

Shows, Tom
6731 Dublin Loop West, Unit A, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Herndon, Virginia
6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911-2299

Davis, Lissett
6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911-2299

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