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Alaska Health Information

Alaska ranks number 27 for overall health, and the state has made major strides in correcting problems that lead to unhealthy citizens. This is no small feat in a state that faces such extreme temperatures and periods of darkness. Part of the reason why this is so is that Alaska has great public health funding, and the people there enjoy higher per capita benefits than in the mainland states. We’ll look at additional strengths and weaknesses based on the reported data.

Some of Alaska’s strengths include healthy birth weight statistics, and a low rate of diabetes. Interestingly enough, even though diabetes rates are low, the amount of obesity has recently increased. If it continues to rise, the diabetes rate will likely not remain low. Alaska has also done a great job of cutting down on the amount of people who smoked which greatly improves lifespan and quality of life as well. Preventable hospitalizations have decreased, which shows that people are not only taking advantage of their healthcare benefits, but also putting value into taking proactive measures.

What Alaska will need to work on is its rate of STDs and violent crime. There needs to be more education given to adolescents to stop the spread of venereal diseases like chlamydia. To that end, more females have been receiving HPV immunizations to prevent the extremely common problem for young women today. There’s also a lower rate of immunization there, which could trigger diseases like measles in children who are not old enough to be vaccinated. Cancer, Alzheimer’s cases and poverty also continue to impact the state as well. One of the reasons why it does receive so much funding is due to the fact that the poverty rate is so high.

No matter what state you’re living in, getting your CPR certification is a smart idea. Heart problems have become too common not to have an immediate skill to use should something go wrong, and Alaska ranked #39 in the USA for hypertension. Your odds of being involved in an emergency are likely higher than you think.

CPR Certification in Alaska

Alaska CPR certification has SafeNowCPR to give you online training for courses, where you can learn when and how you want. People of all ages should have CPR skills given to them either in school or on their own so no one is unprepared.

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Local Alaska Hospitals

In the most populated city of Anchorage, you can find the following 3 major hospitals.

Providence Alaska Medical Center
3200 Providence Dr
Anchorage, AK 99508

This hospital has 371 beds and 476 doctors, and covers general medical needs and surgery. The hospital can handle more than 17,000 admission in the year and treats cancer, COPD and heart failure, among other illnesses.

Alaska Native Medical Center
4315 Diplomacy Dr
Anchorage, AK 99508

Featuring 146 beds and 122 doctors, this hospital also covers surgery and general care. This facility is capable of treating anything from heart failure to hip and knee replacement.

Alaska Regional Hospital
2801 Debarr Road
Anchorage, AK 99508

With 132 beds and 407 doctors, the general medical and surgical staff can treat COPD and perform bypass surgery.

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