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Ohio Health Information

In overall health statistics, Ohio ranks 39th out of 52 states, according to the United Health Foundation’s America’s Health Rankings. High prevalence of obesity, heart disease, and low per-capita public health funding mark a few of Ohio’s major health challenges, followed by an increase in child poverty, drug deaths, and premature deaths in the last year.

Though Ohio’s numbers are currently low, this year’s results also indicate a more positive trend in adult physical inactivity and decreased cardiovascular deaths from previous years. In addition, Ohio has an abundance of readily available primary care physicians, and a low number of uninsured residents compared to other states.

For seniors, the trend is somewhat consistent with the rest of the state, coming in 30th out of 52 states in health-related indexes. Low numbers of seniors living in poverty, high prescription drug coverage, decreased yearly smoking rates, and low hospital deaths are reported for Ohio seniors, though a high prevalence of physical inactivity, low percentage of quality nursing home beds, and a high premature death rate have been reported in the last year.

National health scores haven’t changed much in the last ten years, yet Ohio’s outlook is dim where cardiovascular health is concerned, even with some of the more positive aspects of Ohio healthcare options. The obesity and heart failure rate is staggering in comparison to the US average. Obesity rates have been climbing since 1990 and Ohio is ranked 43rd of U.S. states; 33 % of adults have a BMI above 30. Ohio is also 35th in the nation in heart disease, 42nd in heart attacks, and has the 13th lowest life expectancy rate (77.8 years) of all states.

CPR Certification in Ohio

With high reported risks to cardiovascular health in Ohio, it’s a good decision to seek CPR training. CPR certification is recommended for both healthcare workers and Ohio residents who are concerned about the overall wellbeing of their friends, families, co-workers, and community members. With poor health ratings for the state (obesity in particular), especially for seniors, Ohio (among other lower-ranked states for health) should offer CPR courses and programs through its schools, employer programs, and community centers. SafeNowCPR provides this service through 100% online CPR training where students can learn at their own pace, in a virtual environment, eliminating the need for costly in-person CPR courses. Regardless of circumstances, students, employees, and citizens can learn CPR in Ohio anywhere, anytime.

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Local Cincinnati, Ohio Hospitals

Christ Hospital
2139 Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219-2906

Christ Hospital is a general medical and surgical facility that holds 528-beds, ranks nationally in four adult specialties, and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Bethesda North Hospital
10500 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242-4402

Bethesda North Hospital is a 375-bed general medical and surgical facility that is ranked nationally in two adult specialties.

Good Samaritan Hospital
375 Dixmyth Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220-2489

Good Samaritan Hospital is a 504-bed general medical and surgical facility that is nationally ranked in two adult specialties, performs 5,665 inpatient and 8,548 outpatient surgeries annually, and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

CPR Skills Evaluators in Nevada

Spahr, Ronna
1807 Dalton Drive, New Carlisle, OH 45344

Cantrell, Tamara
4384 Rhodes Avenue, Portsmouth, OH 45662

Preston, Jacqueline
6261 Mercyside Ct.
Indianapolis, IN 46218

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