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Missouri Health Information

In overall health statistics, Missouri ranks well into the lower half of the country at #36 overall. While there are certain areas of strength for the health of Missouri residents, the population faces an uphill climb towards better health on the whole.

Some of Missouri’s strengths include the fact that there are a low percentage of children in poverty, a low prevalence of excess drinking and a high rate of high school graduation. All of these contribute to better health, so there is reason for optimism that Missouri’s health rankings will improve thanks to some child-friendly data.

Despite these strength areas, the broader picture of Missouri health indicates there are many categories where the state can improve. The state ranks poorly in public health funding, immunization, dentistry, and perhaps most importantly, the state ranks #41 in cardiovascular deaths. As such, it should come as little surprise that the state ranks poorly on health issues related to the heart, such as heart attack, heart disease, cholesterol checks and stroke measures.

The state ranks even lower when senior care is taken into consideration. Missouri places at #38 in the nation for senior care. Missouri’s senior care health data firmly places the state well into the lower half of senior health.

That said, there are reasons for optimism, including the fact that there is a low prevalence of underweight seniors, a ready availability of home-delivered meals and effective flu vaccination coverage. However, the state still faces many health challenges for its seniors, including the high prevalence of smoking, the prevalence of full-mouth tooth extraction and the significant percentage of low-care residents living in nursing homes.

CPR Certification in Missouri

Based on this data, becoming a CPR in the state of Missouri is a wise decision for the foreseeable future. The high rate of cardiovascular deaths and significant heart disease and heart attack risks indicate the state is in dire need of CPR professionals.

Acquiring CPR skills in Missouri will provide a valuable service to a state that greatly needs it. Other factors that make CPR a valuable skill for Missouri is the prevalence of smoking (#38 nationally) as well as the state’s relatively high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Given the low health ratings and cardiovascular issues in the state, CPR skills ought to be taught in schools and pushed with effective employer CPR programs. SafeNowCPR offers 100% online training for Missouri CPR courses and certification, allowing students to learn lifesaving CPR at a comfortable pace. By the end of the course, Missouri residents will know they can perform CPR in any critical situation or circumstance.

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Local Missouri Hospitals

Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University
1 Barnes-Jewish Hospital Plaza
Saint Louis, MO 63110-1003

With 1,310 beds, Barnes-Jewish Hospital is ranked nationally in 14 specialties and is a widely recognized hospital throughout the region. Barnes-Jewish is also a teaching hospital that performed 19,417 annual inpatient surgeries and 20.991 outpatient surgeries.

St. Louis University Hospital
3635 Vista at Grand Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO 63110-0250

St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a general medical and surgical hospital with 332 beds that doubles as a teaching hospital. The hospital admitted more than 15,000 patients to the emergency room in the most recent year.

SSM St. Mary’s Health Center
6420 Clayton Road
Saint Louis, MO 63117-1811

SSM St. Mary’s Health Center is a 381-bed hospital with 52,815 emergency room visits in the most recently surveyed year. Physicians performed nearly 3,000 inpatient surgeries as well as almost 5,000 outpatient surgeries.

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