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Whether you're a Baltimore medical professional looking to become certified or renew through our recertification classes or an Baltimore parent looking to learn CPR to protect your children, family, or loved ones, SafeNowCPR is the #1 online destination to get you going on the path to certification.

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Baltimore residents have access to all SafeNowCPR courses including Adult, Child, and infant CPR. All training materials are included in each student's online dashboard both before taking your exam and indefinitely after your exam has been passed. We do this so that you can always access our courses once you've paid for certification in case you want to brush up on your skills. Additionally, your dashboard is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with NO blackouts.

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SafeNowCPR's online CPR courses follow all AHA, ECC, and ILCOR guidelines for CPR and are accepted by most healthcare organizations nationally, including Baltimore. Once you have passed your exam by scoring 85% or better, you will instantly receive your wallet card and full-sized certificate to print and provide to your employer.

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At SafeNowCPR you will find that our courses and certification require no skills test from an instructor to qualify for acceptable CPR certification. In some cases, employers will require certification be accompanied by a skills evaluation or even certification required directly by the AHA. In those cases, customers who have already purchased a certification course at SafeNowCPR but have it rejected by their employer will receive our no questions asked money back guarantee.

Baltimore Health Information

It is estimated that at least 70% of all Americans do not know how to help someone with CPR if they are with someone who is suffering from a cardiac event and may need lifesaving efforts performed to save their life. What makes the low number trained in CPR especially worrisome is that 88% of all cardiac arrests occur at home; obviously with no doctors or emergency personnel. Most of those 88% are our loved ones and we should do all we can to learn how to protect them.

Calling 911 is an important part of getting a person in cardiac stress help, but in many situations it takes at least 10 minutes for emergency medical help to arrive and a person in cardiac distress can die prior to other help arriving. Without someone trained in CPR, the odds are stacked against the victim of CPR.

Each year there are 326,000 cardiac arrests that happen in America, and that is only counting those that occur outside of a hospital. Many of the victims believe they are healthy so they have no warning that something dire could be happening in their body. All it takes for a cardiac event to occur is for the electrical impulses in the heart to become chaotic which can cause the heart to stop beating. Then a heart attack occurs when blood is no longer supplied to the heart muscle.

With more than 80 percent of all cardiac arrests happening at home, only 32% of all people who have a cardiac arrest get CPR from a bystander. An even more startling statistic is that only 8% of all people who suffer from a cardiac arrest outside of a medical setting survive.

CPR Certification in Baltimore

Maryland ranks 16 out of all 50 states in overall health, partly because of a decrease in smoking and binge drinking. However, according to the American Heart Association, approximately 5,900 children have a cardiac arrest each year in the United States. Although Baltimore and Maryland as a whole are becoming more and more healthy, learning CPR just makes sense because the life they save could be that of a child.

If a parent in Baltimore wants to do all they can to ensure that their children are as safe as possible, one step they should take is CPR training. A CPR course could be the difference between and unfortunate accident and a tragedy. Some common causes of cardiac arrests in children include trauma, sudden infant death syndrome, and cardiovascular incidents that had not previously been diagnosed. Any of these cardiovascular events could happen to any child. The best and most realistic way a parent can avoid one of these issues is to learn how to perform CPR in an emergency.

Healthcare professionals, people involved in education, parents, and anyone who spends time with a child should take the time to learn CPR appropriately. It is important for as many people as possible to learn CPR and understand that they could save the lives of their own loved one. SafeNowCPR offers everyone in Maryland an opportunity to learn CPR online. Students who participate in this program will be able to learn at their own pace and finish the program with a certificate and the confidence that if called upon they could save a life.

Local Baltimore, MD Hospitals

Johns Hopkins Hospital
1800 Orleans Street
Baltimore, MD 21287-2182

A nationally ranked hospital in 15 adult and 10 child categories, John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore is a 951 bed general medical hospital and surgical center.

University of Maryland Medical Center
22 South Greene Street
Baltimore, MD 21201-1595

University of Maryland Medical Center is a general hospital and surgical center with 698 beds and 36,968 admissions per year according to recent reports.

CPR Skill Evaluators in Baltimore

Johnson, RN, Fernando
443-509-5190 830 N. Kenwood Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21205

Yetsky, Steven
8431 Kavanagh Road, Baltimore, MD 21222

Stewart, Cheryl
1702 Transportation Blvd, Crofton, MD 21114

Eddington, Dorothy
410-575-6400 ext. 4026
1123 Belcamp Garth, Belcamp, MD 21017

Bush, Dionne
12138 Central Ave, #860, Bowie, MD 20721

Childers, Steve
701 Elizabeth Court, Aberdeen, MD 21001-1658

Bryant, Latitia
3507 Silver Park Dr, Apt 202, Suitland, MD 20746

Brown, Dr. Tina
8207 Rison Drive, Brandywine, MD 20613

Tunstall, Kitty
5510 Alma Lane, Springfield , VA 22151

Brown, Dr. Tina
301-408-6478 ext. 301-408-6478
State And National Services, Brandywine, MD 20613

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