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At SafeNowCPR you will find that our courses and certification require no skills test from an instructor to qualify for acceptable CPR certification. In some cases, employers will require certification be accompanied by a skills evaluation or even certification required directly by the AHA. In those cases, customers who have already purchased a certification course at SafeNowCPR but have it rejected by their employer will receive our no questions asked money back guarantee.

Salt Lake City Health Information

Utah has an overall health ranking within the United States is quite high at sixth out of all 52 states. Utah’s high ranking appears to be a correlation between the high positive strengths in overall health factors. Some of the positive strengths found in Salt Lake City that effect this ranking include the low prevalence of smoking which has been proven to be directly connected to cardiovascular disease. Studies show that there were 212.2 out of 100,000 people dying from cardiovascular disease. In comparison to most of the Country, this is exceptional. Secondly, Salt Lake City must be very proud of its state’s low percentage of children living in poverty. This low percentage of children living in poverty correlates directly to overall better nutritional and healthcare resources for not only children. Finally,their low rate of preventable hospitalizations speaks volumes to the importance the people of Salt Lake City place on preventative care.

For all of Salt Lake City’s positive strengths they still face some challenges. SLC has seen a relatively large number of deaths attributed to drugs. This indicates to the need of increased drug education as well as CPR training for professional healthcare workers as well as the general population. High levels of non-immunization of preventable childhood diseases can lead to widespread epidemics and loss children’s lives. Finally, Utah lacks availability of Primary Care Physicians that can lead to decrease in preventative care and effect their low rate of preventative hospitalization.

Overall Salt Lake City, Utah has both positive and negative new trends that might change the overall ranking of Utah. Inactivity amongst adults reports an increase of 16%. Studies reports a direct correlation between appropriate activity amongst both adults and children to prevent cardiovascular events. On the positive side Utah’s Medicare, beneficiaries’ hospitalized for preventable hospitalizations dropped by 9%. SLC needs credit for the decrease in smoking by 13% making Utah the lowest in the nation for smoking. Finally, Utah noticing the increase in drug related deaths over the last two years must be focusing on this issue. There has been a 13% decrease in drug deaths from 21.4 to 18.6 deaths per 1000 people. The increase in the general population knowing CPR may contribute to this decrease by allowing time for EMS to arrive and treat the overdosed patient.

Salt Lake City seniors health ranking is even better that for the state in general at a ranking of 5 out of 52 states. The seniors have a low smoking rate; increased volunteerism and the availability of home delivered meals all increase the overall wellness of seniors. The seniors do have some problems including geriatrician shortage and a decrease in the percentage of diabetes management. Overall, Utah has increased home health care workers for those 75 years or older. Statistics show that excellent health for those 65 or older has increased 10%. Volunteerism has also increased 10% proving that social interaction is vital to the overall well-being of the elderly.

CPR Certification in Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah being so high on the wellness chart for the nation still is in need of both professional and general population training in CPR and CPR certification. There is a lack of Primary Care Physicians, the high drug overdose rate are just two examples of why this need is so vital. Much like signs and symptoms of a person experiencing a stroke, CPR certification needs to become part of everyone’s education. SafeNow CPR is an excellent training tool as it is 100% online allowing both professionals and general population to achieve certification. The more people CPR certified the increase in the likelihood of prevention of a death due to a cardiovascular event.

Local Salt Lake City Hospitals

University of Utah Hospital and Clinic
50 North Medical Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84132-0002

526 beds teaching hospital. This General Medical and Surgical Hospital has 875 physicians on staff. The emergency department saw 40,215 patients and had 22,831 admissions last year. They are a trauma center and accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (“CARF”).

Intermountain Medical Center
5121 South Cottonwood Street
Murray, UT 84107-5701

452 Beds This General Medical and Surgical Hospital has 324 physicians on staff. The emergency department saw 86,561 patients and had 26,668 admissions last year. They are a trauma center and accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (“CARF”).

Intermountain McKay-Dee Hospital
4401 Harrison Boulevard
Ogden, UT 84403-3195

310 beds. This General Medical and Surgical Hospital has 372 physicians on staff. The emergency department saw 64,439 patients and had 19,306 admissions last year. They are a trauma center.

LDS Hospital
8th Avenue & ‘C’ Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84143-0001

241 Beds This General Medical and Surgical Hospital has 567 physicians on staff. The emergency department saw 24,207 patients and had 9,728 admissions last year. They are a trauma center.

CPR Skill Evaluators in Utah

Christison, Lonnette
P.O Box 1433, West Jordan, UT 84084

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