Certification for Adult CPR

Learn the techniques and skills for performing proper Adult CPR at SafeNowCPR. Courses are 100% online and certification is nationally accepted.

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CPR Certification For Adults

Getting certified for adult CPR is simple at SafeNowCPR. We teach all techniques and skills necessary for you to both perform the skill of CPR but also understand when it is and is not needed. Adult CPR differs from child and infant CPR in both the skill AND the reason for performing.

Children have healthy hearts that rarely experience cardiac arrest whereas cardiac arrest in adults is much more common. With adults, you are more likely to perform CPR as a result of cardiac arrest rather than choking or other forms of asphyxiation like drowning. All of which are more commonly occurring in children however adults also experience these situations. With SafeNowCPR adult CPR certification training you will learn precisely when and how to perform CPR on adults.

If you’re wondering what age group classifies a person as an adult, the American Heart Association considers any individual beyond puberty as an adult. CPR rules do not follow legal adult regulations as these skill variations are largely based on the victims size and body development.

What Our Adult Course Includes

  • Important terminology and definitions
  • How to give adult CPR
  • How to help an adult when choking
  • How to asses the situation and confirm if CPR is or is not needed
  • How to combine your skills and execute effective child CPR
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Certification For All Ages

If you are interested in learning CPR for all age groups, we also offer a CPR Pro course to teach CPR for all ages. We also offer BLS courses (Basic Life Support) which includes all CPR Pro course material as well as two-person CPR. Visit our courses section to learn more.

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